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Down the rabbit hole you have fallen into an adventure in Wanderland. Can you make it through the castle gates, steal the scepter and escape the Red Queen?

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Clue Me In


Everyone has been asked to gather one last time at Alexander Clizby's Mansion. Someone is the murderer and everyone is a suspect. Can you follow the clues to determine who's the murderer as wel as when, where and how in 60 minutes? 

Cabin in the Woods

While hiking in the North Georgia Mountains you get lost and come across an old Cabin in the Woods, you knock on the door and Old Man Tiller comes to the door. You tell him your lost and he invites you in for a bit. He steps out to check on his fire and you soon realize that others have been here as well. Some made it out and others did not! You have one hour to escape before old Tiller returns!

Hellin Hotel
Marion embezzled money from her boss and got out of town. She decided to turn into a roadside hotel for the night.
Unfortunately, she stopped at the wrong hotel, never to be seen again.
Can you find the money and escape Mother before it's too late?


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Mon. Fri. Sat. Sun.  11:15am-9pm
Thursday 12:30pm-9pm
Tues Closed
Wednesday Closed


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